Stucco Cleaning

Having the stucco on a business or home cleaned and washed can be difficult unless the homeowner or business owner works with a company that uses the latest equipment in the industry. The highest pressure IS NOT the case when it comes to cleaning stucco.

Power washing stucco with high-pressured cold water can be intrusive and damage stucco surfaces and has to be treated delicately. At Dominion Power Washing, we reduce the pressure and turn up the heat to give it a gentle cleaning. We liken it to cleaning dried egg off a plate with hot water as opposed to cold water. 

We are able to get the stucco on a business or a home squeaky clean after a washing and do the job in a fraction of the time it takes other companies.

When Dominion Power Washing shows up the customer gets a well-priced and efficient service that keeps their business or home clean. We can handle stucco cleaning, house stucco cleaning and commercial stucco cleaning services so that the family and business can live and work in a clean environment.

We also offer pressure washing services for many other surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly. With our services, every company and family can be pleased with the exterior of their building.

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