Concrete Surface Cleaning

Pressure washing the concrete around a commercial property can attract customers and make the work environment more appealing. Getting a quality cleaning from professionals can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Dominion Power Washing company has all the tools and expert crew members to get your commercial concrete cleaning done right.

Dominion Power Washing has been serving the metro Vancouver area for 26 years, cleaning and restoring commercial and residential properties. We can handle any surface and unique demand customers have. Our highly trained crews, hot and cold water cleaning methods, and modern cleaning equipment can make old, dirty surfaces look like new.

Customers can rest assured they’re getting the best with Dominion Power Washing, as we have high standards in coming up with the right cleaning solutions. We specialize in commercial properties like shopping malls, retail complexes, and office buildings, in removing such things as chewing gum.  We use hot water treatment on concrete surfaces where the temperature reaches 200 Celsius which disintegrates the toughest of baked on materials like chewing gum, oil stains and more.

Whether it’s a retail mall, restaurant, condominium or other commercial project, Dominion Power Washing also has experience maintaining parking lots. Parking areas are the first thing customers will see and judge a business from. And over time unsightly oil, grease, and other stains can build up, looking bad and even leading to concrete damage. Also, there are liability issues with the slippery nature of some of these contaminants. Dominion Power Washing has the experience and state of the art equipment to handle cleaning parking lots, making them safer and look better.  We use high pressure hot water methods with surface spinners to bring about an appealing, revitalized surface.

Dominion Power Washing can get the job done right, and our friendly expert crews are a delight to work with. Rely on us to get your commercial properties’ concrete surfaces cleaned and looking new. This will attract more customers and make your business safer, all at an affordable price you’ll like.

We don’t just do concrete floors.  We do concrete buildings up to 6 stories high.  Here are a few images of our work.

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